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Flooring and Tiling Services in Lee County, FL


New Installation

Have the perfect new floor installed. Many different materials available!


Cut down on the hassle and mess by having your old flooring professionally removed.


A classy, timeless and easy to clean flooring material; available in many different shades and styles.


One of the most hardy and adaptable types of flooring, can also be used for a variety of other places in the house.


Long history as popular floor surface, earthy and tough, can easily tie a room together.


A high-end flooring material used by many for its eye-catching glossiness and beautiful textured color.


An extremely practical flooring solution which affordable, easy to install and available in many styles.

Sealer Installation

Turn concrete into a unique flooring solution with a combination of staining and sealing.

New Construction

We can install for a new house or new extension being built.


Revitalize a room in your house with a brand new floor or tiling project.


We do full shower and bath projects, everything from tiling on the floor and walls to glass walls and doors.


A unique and tasteful addition to any room, we can create a design or make your design come to life.


A beautiful and waterproof solution for the area above a sink in the kitchen or bathroom.

Tile Repair

Don’t fret! We can repair broken tiles and find a solution for missing ones.


Tile is an interesting and eye-catching alternative to brick for the fireplace in your home.


We can build a functional and decorative housing for your Jacuzzi.